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Queen Mattress for the Right People

If you and your partner share a bed with each other or if you sleep alone and you want to have some extra space, then, a queen or king-size mattress should be considered. A queen mattress is about 50 inches in width while a king is about Seventy inches wide; both of these mattresses give two sleepers sufficient space. The king mattress and queen mattress are both 70 inches in length. Suppose someone is tall about 6.5 to 7.5 inches tall. In that case, he/she should choose a king or queen size mattress if they don’t want their feet to be hanging outside the mattress. You should also take your bedroom’s measurements in mind as well as your sleeping habits while going for a king or queen size mattress because if your room is too small, you are going to have a tight space. This might get uncomfortable for you and you don’t want to have a big mattress in a small room because it is going to look keep reading and in the end, you will be able to decide that which mattress size suits you.

Suitability of Queen Size Mattresses

The queen-size mattress suites the following people or group of people.

Single People

People who are single means they are the only ones sleeping in the bed and they move a lot and change position during the sleep than a mattress with a smaller size is going to create a lot of problems for that person, as queen size mattress is about 70 inches in width. A person is not going to encounter any problems during sleep because of sufficient mattress space.

Couple or Duo’s

The Queen Size mattress is considered as one of the friendliest mattresses for couples. Its width is wide enough that it can accommodate two people on it without compromising on the comfort level, while the couple who sleeps at a distance from each other than this mattress may not be suitable for them. The Queen Size mattress is also suitable for the people having a kid or a pet.

Best for People having a Height Less than 6.5 feet

The queen size mattress is lengthy enough to sleep comfortably for individuals who are six feet to six and a half in height. Many that are six feet or taller may find their legs hanging over the edges but people having more height than 6.5 feet may require another mattress because it is going to be uncomfortable for people above 6.5 feet.

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